Improv & Presentation Skills for Business



Raise Your I.Q. (Improv Quotient)


Stimulating Communication &
Collaboration At Work


The father of evolution, Charles Darwin, asserted that it was those who learned to collaborate and improvise who prevailed. We think of improvisation as a combination of social and survival skills. Drawing upon our years of experience as improvisers, performers and educators we share practical improv for business principles in fun, interactive sessions that provide participants with an immediately usable method to build rapport, collaborate, adapt to change, innovate, and be resilient.


The Improv Advantage


Improvisation is about connecting people and ideas – and our keynote sessions do just that. Set a lively tone for your business event with SmartLeese Creative’s interactive and experiential session. Our dynamic series of fun demonstrations and conversation-based exercises introduce the process, philosophy and application of Improvisation at work and in life. Activities spark laughter and eye-opening insight as participants receive effective communication skills training and collaboration methods, building relationships at the same!


Something Funny Right Away


Looking for unique, spontaneous, and completely original entertainment? SmartLeese Creative will deliver an improv show for your guests, inspired by audience suggestions. A seasoned troupe of professional comic improvisers take the stage and perform unscripted scenes and inventive songs that will wow your audience. If you’re game, our improvisers can bring volunteers onstage to play with them and create what’s certain to be an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. It’s the ultimate in one-of-a-kind custom entertainment!


Transforming Information Into Inspiration & Entertainment


Your event brings your people together; now let us help get everyone engaged and on the same page. SmartLeese partners with you to creatively support your organization’s message by providing the leavening ingredient for your gathering. We can host your event, support your internal speakers within an inventive framework, or create custom scenes that show and tell your message in a fun, lighthearted way. We can tee up your event with our interactive keynote sessions that set the tone for connection and collaboration. We’ll work with you directly to add just the right combination of elements that will have people buzzing!