Recently, we visited New York City. We had heard the incredible, must-see buzz about the Broadway musical Hamilton. Of course, tickets were completely sold out – but we’re not ones to let ‘impossible’ stand in our way. We headed down to the theatre to try our luck. Striking up a friendly conversation with the box office manager, we let him know how keen we were to see the show. “No tickets” he said, “but come back tomorrow, and we’ll see.” Encouraged, we returned the next day, he remembered us. “Still no tickets – it’s sold out” Undaunted we said we’d be back to try again at the next show.
“Hang on”, he said “come back after my break and maybe something will come up”. Goose chase or golden goose? 30 minutes later, we were holding a pair of top-notchhouse seats that our box office friend had just gotten the go-ahead to sell! Hamilton was as spectacular as we’d heard – with the amazing perk of getting to meet and chat with Star Wars director JJ Abrams who sat a few seats away. Put it down to persistence, opening doors near and in galaxies far, far away.