What a treat is was to have been invited to Kananaskis, Alberta to present one of our interactive keynotes at the 2016 PPI Solutions Symposium. We delivered our “Building Client Centric Relationships with The Improv Advantage” session for an audience of independent insurance providers. Arriving on a crisp autumn day, with the pine scented mountain air, zero degree temperatures and snow dusted ground, it was a refreshing change from the humidity of Toronto’s never-ending summer. Feedback from the attendees let us know our session was a positive and refreshing change for them as well! Afterwards we had a great chat with “Colin” a well respected member of the insurance community. Colin linked the improvisational philosophy of ‘receiving with gratitude’ to the questioning techniques used in sales by saying  “What’s significant is that the added value of using gratitude and the concept of a gift just enhances this great approach.”

Later Colin got in touch to share another “gift” of a compliment: “Once again thank you for your presentation this morning. It was terrific. I spent part of the drive home relating to my wife some of the ideas you covered. She says I am a classic case of ‘ yes but’. I will work on it. Thanks again for your participation. For me it was the highlight. I would do that again in a heart beat.”