Often, organizations create a list of ‘Corporate Values’, but neglect to bring those values to life in the day-to-day operations. SmartLeese Creative had the exciting privilege to work closely with a company that took a remarkably different tack – Hoffmann-La Roche.

First, they polled their workforce to discover what they were predisposed to valuing. The next step was to create processes and procedures that would communicate, embed and sustain these values. That’s where SmartLeese Creative came in.

In a full day ideation session, Lindsay and Lee led a group of 300 through a process which included hosting a talk show with team members to share stories and descriptions for each value, then SmartLeese introduced improvisational idea generation techniques to support a mass ideation session which resulted in creating and capturing dozens of exciting actionable concepts. The day was topped off by work groups jumping on-stage to show other groups what they had come up with! A dynamic and stimulating day, that delivered all the raw materials for the next phase of implementation. We can’t wait to see what’s next!